Lone Star Quilt

This quilt has been sold.

We'd be happy to check with the quilters we work with to see if a similar quilt is nearly completed.

Or if you'd like to place a custom order for this quilt, please email us, or call at 610-880-0107, and we can discuss fabric colors, pattern, quilting designs and size. You can also supply us with fabric of your choice, as long as it is 100 percent cotton, or a cotton-poly blend.


Size: 110" wide by 110" long

  • Queen or King Size
  • The stitching is a very high quality with about 7 to 8 stitches per inch.
  • Signed in ink on back of quilt (won't run in wash) by the Quilter

A striking pattern with nice fabric selections of blues and maroon on an off-white background. Nicely pieced and very well quilted.
Quilted by an Amish woman. who lives in Lancaster County.

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